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*The Active* Caesarean silicone strips - 3 month supply

*The Active* Caesarean silicone strips - 3 month supply


*The Active* Caesarean silicone strips are washable! For those mothers intending to be more active while their caesarean scar rehabilitates. Wash light sweat, stains, and marks off to get the most out of your breathable, flexible, soft sheets of premium 100% medical grade silicone strips.


These strips provide a slightly thicker, more durable strip than *The Original* Caesarean silicone strips. Perfect for mothers who intend to take their strip off more than once a day. 


Each box contains 6 silicone strips, each strip reusable for up to 2 weeks.

  • *The Active* Caesarean silicone strips offer an at home, non-invasive, drug-free way to improve the aesthetics of your scar. Made with advanced premium silicone technology, they can improve the colour, size, texture, and overall appearance. They can restore and strengthen connective tissue to flatten and soften your caesarean scar. 

    Considered by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and doctors as the gold standard in scar rehabilitation. 100% medical grade silicone strips are proven to reduce or prevent abnormal scaring.

    CAUTION: For external use only. For use only when signed off by your doctor/specialist that the incision area has healed, which is usually 6-8 weeks post operation. Sutures must have been removed before applying. Do not use on broken skin, open wounds or on oozing and crusting skin surfaces. Keep out of reach of children. If irritation does occur, discontinue use immediately. For further information, see FAQs. Individual results will vary.


    Size of silicone strips: L15cm x W4cm

    Ingredients: Premium 100% medical grade silicone gel, polyurethane film


    **See *The Original* Caesarean silicone strips if you are after a slightly thinner, more flexible, non-washable silicone strip**

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