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Following an emergency caesarean section, founder, Lara Hofer, was left with an unexpected scar. In search of scar rehabilitation solutions, Lara was met with  'its a scar, there is nothing you can do', 'you will get use to it', 'just leave it', and 'it will be fine'. The rehabilitation of caesarean section scars in New Zealand was non-existent. This forced Lara to research more widely, which led to the discovery of silicone strips - the gold standard of scar rehabilitation, recommended and used by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and doctors alike all over the world in countries where caesareans are much more common, normalised and/or preferred.

After years of research, development and working closely with preferred manufacturers, Myscar is here New Zealand! Whether your scar was planned or unexpected, silicone strips easily provide the premium solution. 


Following the demand for *The Original* and *The Active* Caesarean silicone strips, we are now offering solutions for the whole family, with more product variability to come. Sign up to our emails and be the first to know about new products. 

"I hope and trust the existence of Myscar will give women a far better, easier experience than I had in the rehabilitation of their caesarean scars. I am extremely passionate and excited to now be able to bring this golden gem to the women of New Zealand"

Lara Hofer


In collaboration with Bountiful, Lara Hofer shares her own personal caesarean section birth story. To read see her story in Journal or on Bountiful.

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