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Atlas of Motherhood Podcast - Nurturing Post-Caesarean Section, Healing & Recovery

The first Atlas of Motherhood Podcast Episode, featuring Lara Hofer, Founder of Myscar.

In this episode, Lara shares her personal birth journey that inspired Myscar, 100% medical grade silicone strips for caesarean scar recovery - a first for New Zealand. We discuss the physical and mental challenges of caesarean recovery and why it's essential to shift society's focus on birth.

Link to the Podcast HERE

Atlas of Motherhood believe that every new mother deserves access to the support and resources she needs to navigate the postpartum period with confidence. That's why Atlas of Motherhood have created a comprehensive online program that provides new mothers with the knowledge, tools, and support they need to make the transition into motherhood as easy and positive as possible. By signing up to Atlas of Motherhood you will also gain access to an exclusive Myscar discount.

Lara Hofer, Founder of Myscar


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